the JETSONS – will George Still Commute?

Didn’t know when I was traveling everywhere giving my Jetsons workshop, that today we’d be so completely living and testing all of these ideas, and asking these questions with deeper and more urgent meaning. What are the essential work activities, the available technologies, and the true needs of people? If workers and customers can still see you anywhere you go, would you still go into the office?  Even if you can work from anywhere, you still have to work somewhere…where’s your best somewhere going to be?

Here are a few pictures from a conference in Kuala Lumpur in 2018.


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The Stanford, which opens officially on May 7, is a space whose design has been refined over the course of six years to maximize the innovation process. Every wall, every nook, every connecting gizmo, every table, every storage cabinet, has been created with a grand, collaborative vision in mind.

Nice for them. But what about the rest of us, out here in standard-issue cubicle land? Are we all destined for subprime collaborative work lives because our office spaces and furniture are so numbingly left brain?

How to Use Social Media effectively

This new workshop is underway…starting research interviews this week with dozens of past Shatter participants and other industry leaders. Have a story of success or warning? Let me know and I’d love to talk to you.


About Social Media

The numerical facts of the sweeping revolution in social media are startling. Watch this 2-minute video: to be reminded of the communication and media tsunami currently underway. Social media exploits an important truth: 78% of people trust peers, while only 18% trust advertisers.

However, social media consulting is developed primarily for just a few groups of heavy users:

  • Progressive non-profits and political organizations;
  • Sellers of consumer goods and services; and
  • Cultural opinion leaders (media and bloggers).

There is a proportional absence of social media information or education geared toward B2B operations like furniture dealerships or biotechnology manufacturers. Yet, this sector can clearly benefit financially in many ways:

  • Marketing and sales networking
  • Event promotion
  • Human resources

Sesame Street: Google celebrates 40 years of Big Bird and the gang | Technology |




Sesame Street: Google celebrates 40 years of Big Bird and the gang | Technology | .

This is the show that has everything I looked for in education…creativity, plus relationships with both kids and adults. And Oscar himself is one of the stars of the BUZZ Making workshop.